Kindergarten - MAP Prep


Tech Skills  
1. ABC Ya! Letter Match Click & drag - upper & lower case letter matching
2. ABC Ya! Paint Use stamps to click & stick to mouse/stamper, then click & drop or stamp
3. Animal Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzles
Click to select puzzle piece, then click to drop - or - click and drag
4. Bees and Honey Hover, click and drag practice
5. Feed the Monster Click & drag to feed the monster
6. Let's Go Learn Bubble Pop Move mouse and click to pop bubbles
7. Magic Paint Brush Click & drag to paint, click to change color, size, background
8. Make a Pizza Practice click and click & drag
9. Minimous Practice A Variety of mouse skills practice games (directions appear below games if needed)
10. Puzzle  Click, drag, & drop puzzle pieces
Also use: Tux Paint (Computer Program)
MAP Practice  
11. K-2 MAP Student Resources
MAP Growth: K-2 Video and Practice Test