Kindergarten - Foundations of Reading: Phonics

1. Alphabet songs and more Fun Songs for children to help with memorization
2. Animal Who-letter sounds Student types a letter on the keyboard and an animal that starts with that letter appears.
3.  Between the Lions Letters Games to learn upper and lowercase letters
4. Clifford Games, Letters, Sounds, Interactive story books
5.  Farm Phonics Interactive activities to build phonetic skills

6.  Kidport

Letter recognition and sequence
 7. Learning Planet: Letters When a letter is clicked on, the name is read and a picture is shown.
 8. Monkey Match 

Matching upper and lowercase letters

 9. Literacy Center Letter recognition, writing, keyboard skills, spelling, shapes, numbers
10. Missing Letter ABC order missing letter activity
11. PBS Kids: Blending A word-forming, sound-blending football game. 
12. Read and Match Read a word and find the corresponding picture.
13. PBS Kids: Phonics Find the simple word that is spoken and pounce on it.
14. Read Write Think Short vowels, long vowels and beginning letter sounds
15. Scholastic: Words Beginning consonant in  a word recognition
16. Sesame Street Videos, Music, Games, Letters  
17. Sound Round Up Find the letters for the given sound.
18. Starfall (Main Site) Reading activities, stories and more  
19. Starfall Starfall - Reading and sounding out words
20. Super Hero Hear the letter sounds as you spell a CVC word.
21. Syllable Split Choose the word that is said by looking at its syllables (focuses on two syllables).  
22. Syllables A page of games for syllable practice