Kindergarten - Foundations of Reading: Print Concepts

 1. ABC Bingo Choose to find either the letter that is named or the letter that makes the sound that is said in a bingo grid.
 2. ABC Match Thinkfinity: Letter Recognition
 3. ABC YA A short game of putting the ABC’s back in order.
 4. Animal Who-letter sounds Student types a letter on the keyboard and an animal that starts with that letter appears.
 5. Haunted Alphabet Seek & Find Fun seasonal game for students to search for letters of the alphabet

 6. Kidport

Letter recognition and sequence
 7. Kiz Club Printable ABC fish
 8. Learning Planet: Sequence Sequence the abc’s in order
 9. Literacy Center Letter recognition, writing, keyboard skills, spelling, shapes, numbers
10. Missing Alphabet Missing letters activity
11. PBS Kids: Letters Letter Identification-can choose upper/lower case or mixed
12. Scholastic: Words Beginning consonant in  a word recognition
13. Sesame Street Videos, Music, Games, Letters
14. Sky Riding Letter discrimination
15. Starfall Reading activities, stories and more
16. Starfall: Alphabet Story about how the alphabet got its order

17. Starfall: Letters

Interactive game to recognize letters and sounds
18. Undersea ABC

Help Larry the Lobster find the correct letters