Kindergarten -

Counting & Cardinality: Number Names & Count Sequence


1. ABC-Frog Hop Counting up from a given number
2. Bees and Honey-Counting Counting to ten by moving the mouse to touch pictures.
3. Connect the dots Counting by 1’s to 50 to make a picture
4. Counting Fill in the missing numbers on a track
5. Counting by 1's to 100 The numbers are shown as a block is added for each one
6. Crickweb Find the correct number of objects

7. Crick Web Early Years

Students identify numbers and number words
8. Dream Box Interactive Ten Frames
9. Electronic Abacus Helps teach the anchor numbers of 5 and 10 by using two different colors of beads in each line of 10. 
10. Funbrain: Connect the Dots FUN BRAIN – counting
11. Hungry Spider-Counting Click on the given number of bugs to feed the spider
12. Kidport: Counting Count the objects and find the correct number
13. KidPort Number Sequencing sequencing
14. Kidgames: Counting Count objects and select the correct number
15. Learning Planet: Counting Interactive activities: counting objects, identifying numbers
16. Number Line Counting Enter a starting and ending number, and students practice jumping from number to number as they count
17. Number recognition This shows a number and a corresponding number of objects
18. PBS Kids Finding the missing numbers (two-digit numbers) 
19. Peep-count and hop Students must decide how big of a hop is needed to make a frog land on a lily pad (measurement), as the number of hops is read aloud.