Kindergarten - Counting & Cardinality: Comparing Numbers


  1. Bees and Honey Counting to ten by moving the mouse to touch pictures.
  2. Count and Match Choose easy game in which students count and match with the number, or choose the harder game to match with the number in its written form
  3. Crickweb Find the correct number of objects
  4. Electronic Abacus Helps teach the anchor numbers of 5 and 10 by using two different colors of beads in each line of 10.  Can be used for many number/operation applications

  5. Feather Counting

Match a group of objects with the corresponding number
  6. Fewer, Equal, More Select a group that has fewer, more, or the same amount as a given set
  7. Find the Duck Click on the number to show how many ducks are shown-up to 10
 8. Greater/Lesser

Pop the balloon that is greater or less than with numbers up to 10

 9. Number Order-Balloon Pop Click on the balloons to put the numbers in order