Kindergarten -

Geometry: Shape Comparison, Creation & Composition


 1. 3-D Shapes Identify 3-D shapes and click on them-Shape name is shown, not read aloud
 2. Fisher Price Recognize basic shapes
 3. Identify Simple Shapes Name the basic 2-D shapes
 4. Kids Heart Identify shapes and create pictures
 5. Kids Heart: Matching Match identical shapes to an outline
 6. Match a shape to its Name Match a shape to its name
 7. Paulys Playhouse: Matching Shapes Match identical shapes
 8. Peep-shapes Students listen to a clue and then clicks on shapes that match the description.
 9. Primary games: Basic Shapes Create basic shapes
10. Shape Memory Match a shape to its name in a game of memory
11. Shape Names Click on a shape to see its name
12. Shape Picture Click on shapes as they create a picture of things in the environment that are the same shape
13. Shapes and size-Gudli Ordering shapes from biggest to smallest and reminds students of shape names.
14. Shapes in the World Find an everyday shapes that matches the given shape
15. Spell a Shape Spell the name for a given shape