Kindergarten -

Operations and Algebraic Thinking:

Concepts of Addition & Subtraction


 1. Harcourt: Basic Addition Interactive basic addition activity
 2.  Harcourt: Story Problems Interactive activity: story problems for addition and subtraction
 3. Illumination-Ten Frame Answer questions about the ten frame-goes along with the Envision math series concepts.
 4. Kidgames: Addition Solve addition problems by selecting level of difficulty
 5. Math Magician: Addition: Addition Addition drill and practice activities
 6. Math Magician: Subtraction Subtraction drill and practice activities
 7.  NCTM Counting and adding using 5’s and 1’s.
 8. Sheppard: Addition Early addition learning-shows pictures
 9. Sheppard: Subtraction Early subtraction learning-shows pictures and gives an explanation