1st Grade - Foundations of Reading: Phonics


 1. Academic Skill Builders Game that involves filling in the missing vowels to create words
 2. BBC- Sand Castle Phonemes A variety of phonemes are offered to choose from.  Students pick a phoneme group to work with and then must choose the correct spelling for words.
 3. BBC-Postcard Phonemes A variety of phonemes can be practiced by clicking on the word that is asked for and filling in blanks with correct spellings.
 4. Construct a Word Thinkfinity: Build a word family
 5. Education.com An assortment of games addressing short vowels, long vowels, blends, etc.
 6. Inky and Gus Interactive story for students to work on beginning sounds
 7. Letter Blends Letter blends activity
 8. Letter Pictures Letter pictures activity
 9. Literacy Center Letter recognition, writing, keyboard skills, spelling
10. Long Vowel-Digraphs Practice Ten poems to practice long vowels.  Students can hear the poem, read the poem, do a sound search, and practice finding words.
11. Make a Match Memory game in which a picture is matched with a long-vowel word
12. PBS Kids Rearrange letters to make words that answer a riddle
13. PBS Kids: BINGO Rhyming bingo
14. PBS Kids: Blending A word-forming, sound-blending football game. 
15. PBS Kids: Reading words Reading words, sentences
16. PBS Kids: Spelling Spelling simple words
17. Picture Match Read Write Think phonics picture match activity
18. Puzzle Me Word Spell simple words
19. Read and Match Read a word and find the corresponding picture
20. Read and Type Read and type a list of basic sight words
21. Reading Bear Reinforces basic letter sounds through visual and auditory repetition.
22. Rhyme with Reggie Rhyming game from Scholastic
23. Rocket Ship Reader Combine a blend with a word ending to form a word.
24. Sadlier Phonics 1 Interactive games to build reading and phonetic skills, r-controlled vowels, blends, digraphs, dipthongs, suffixes, contractions
25. Scholastic: Words Beginning consonant in  a word recognition
26. Spelling City 1st grade spelling practice activities
27. Starfall Starfall - Reading and sounding out words
28. Syllable Split Choose the word that is said by looking at its syllables (focuses on two syllables).  
29. Syllables A page of games for syllable practice  
30. Think Central Harcourt reading series  
31. Word endings Flip two coins to make a new word with an inflectional ending.
32. Word Family Sort Thinkfinity: Building word families