1st Grade - Language: Conventions


 1. Alien Punctuation Add the correct punctuation and capitalization to a sentence.
 2. BBC-Postcard Phonemes A variety of phonemes can be practiced by clicking on the word that is asked for and filling in blanks with correct spellings.
 3. BBC- Sand Castle Phonemes A variety of phonemes are offered to choose from.  Students pick a phoneme group to work with and then must choose the correct spelling for words.
 4. BBC-Spelling and Grammar Several subtopics to help with teaching spelling and grammar
 5. Literacy Center Letter recognition, writing, keyboard skills, spelling
 6. Magical Capitals Click on words in a given sentence that need to begin with a capital letter.
 7. Parts of Speech Tutorial about nouns, verbs, adjectives with practice games following
 8. Punctuation Choose a punctuation mark and place it correctly within a sentence.
 9.Silly Sentences Choose from columns with the following headings: who, how, type, what, and where to create silly sentences.  This would help students to hear complete sentences.
10.Simple Sentences Choose the correct order of words to create a sentence.