1st Grade -

Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Addition & Subtraction within 20


 1. BBC-Doubles Students place an arrow on a dart board to find a target number or a double of a given number.
 2. Bug Addition Practice solving number sentences with pictures.  Can choose level of difficulty.
 3. Equation Balance Change the equations on each side of the seesaw to understand the meaning of an equal sign and compare values. Click on "Number Balance KS1".
 4. Harcourt: Addition Interactive addition problems
 5. Harcourt: Basic Addition Interactive basic addition activity
 6. Harcourt: Count Backward Interactive activity: using a number line counting backward
 7. Harcourt: Count Forward Interactive activity: using a number line counting forward

 8. Harvest Subtraction

Subtract by level of ability-up to 10.
 9. Illumination-Ten Frame Answer questions about the ten frame-goes along with the Envision math series concepts.
9. Kidgames: Addition Solve addition problems by selecting level of difficulty.
10. Kidport: Simple Addition Solve an entire page of simple addition problems.
11.  Primary Games Solve addition problems.
12. Shot Clock Find the answer to an addition or subtraction problem.
13. Soft Schools Fishing game 
14. SumSense: Addition Sum Sense Addition – single digit addition problems
15. SumSense: Subtraction Sum Sense Subtraction- single digit subtraction problems