1st Grade - Mathematics: Miscellaneous


 1. + Plus 2 ABC TEACH - counting by twos
 2.  Brainteasers Variety of games to strengthen logical thinking.  A good for challenge students.
 3.  Education.com An great assortment of math games, easily sorted according to skill.
 4.  Harcourt: Calendar Interactive game:  students can find the date and days on a calendar (could use with the projector as an interactive activity)
 5.  Harcourt: Math Jingles Harcourt Math Jingles – Songs to supplement math concepts
 6.  Make a Calendar Calendar usage
 7.  Math Manipulatives List of available online math manipulatives
 8.  Math Playground

MATH PLAYGROUND - an action-packed site for students to practice math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!

 9. Math Questions

There are alot of math questions for students to practice and test their knowledge here.  Some questions are basic, and some require more thinking.

10. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Games and interactive manipulatives for number sense and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and probability
11. Seedball - Coordinates Students click on a space to match the given coordinates.