1st Grade- Science - Molecules to Organisms

(Plants, Animals - Adapt to survive, Behavior supporting survival of offspring, Young like but not exactly like parents)

 1. Animal Sort Sort animals into the correct category as they go by on the screen.
 2. Animals and their Babies Learn about animals, name of animal babies, and the names of animal groups
 3. Apple Education Life cycle 
 4. Frog Links Various links about frogs
 5. National Geographic Animal information and games
 6. PebbleGo
Kid friendly information on many animals-would be great for online animal research
7. PebbleGo: Adaptations Different purposes of adaptations: survival in habitats, protection, attracting a mate 
 8.San Diego Zoo Information about animals, habitats, ecosystems and an elephant game
 9. Seeds Links Vaious links about seeds
 10. Sheppard: Animal Groups Information and pictures about the animal groups and online games-Example food chain game
11. Smithsonian Zoo Information on zoo animals with pictures and video clips
12. Switcheroo Zoo Learn about animals and their natural habitats
13. Urban Next: Insects Insect information