1st Grade- Science - Miscellaneous

  1. BBC-Weather Two areas of games and information to help students learn about the components of weather.
 2. Exploratorium-aurora borealis Pictures and information about the northern lights.
 3. Lawrence Hall of Science Great site with games and activities on a variety of topics.
 4. Matter Information Brief information page for the three states of matter.
 5. MacMillan: Animal Groups A good overview of animal groups
 6. MacMillan: Crab Short overview of the life cycle of a crab
 7. MH School Online crossword puzzle using animal group vocabulary
 8. Mighty Books Interactive read aloud nonfiction books about topics ie. Snow, leaves, wind, etc.
 9. National Geographic Kids Animals, games videos, stories, activities, photos and people & places
10. PBS Kids Curious George videos for science experiments
11. Peep and the Big Wide World Hatching new scientists every day! Games and videos
12. Penguins Several links for students to explore concerning penguins
13. Plant and Animal Categories
Drag plants and animals into their appropriate category (e.g. mammals, insects, etc)
14. Sheppard: Animal Games A variety of animal games 
15. Sheppard: Animal Identification Online animal identification games
16. Sheppard: Classification Online animal classification game
17. Sheppard: Endangered Animals Online endangered animal games
18. Sheppard: Food Chain Online food chain game