2nd Grade - Social Studies: Geography


  1. Academic Skill Builders Game about capital cities
  2. BBC-Barnaby Bear Great pictures and bits of information about famous sites in the world.  An example would be Big Ben.
  3. BC-Two Cities Compares and contrasts two cities:  Belfast and Mexico City.
  4. Connect the States Play a matching game with the computer to identify shapes of states and characteristics of them.
  5. Culture for Kids Click on different places to learn interesting facts about it.
  6. Jayzee Bear Click on a world map to learn names of places.
  7. Urban Next Get a passport and travel to other countries to meet children there and learn about the culture.
  8. Urban Next: Rivers Understanding rivers and how they have changed
  9. USA State Capital Match Match the state to the capital.
10. Your Child Learns Match a state to where it belongs on a map of the US.