2nd Grade - Foundations of Literature: Phonics / Spelling


1.   BBC-Postcard Phonemes A variety of phonemes can be practiced by clicking on the word that is asked for and filling in blanks with correct spellings.
2.   BBC- Sand Castle Phonemes A variety of phonemes are offered to choose from.  Students pick a phoneme group to work with and then must choose the correct spelling for words.
3.   Between the Lions From PBS Kids
4.   Coconut Vowels  Use two-vowel letter combinations that are given to fill in the missing letters on coconuts.
5.   DJ Cow’s Spelling Patterns

Word search puzzles.
Choose a spelling pattern for a word search

6.   Make a Match Memory game in which a picture is matched with a long-vowel word
7.   PBS Kids Rearrange letters to make words that answer a riddle
8. Spelling Bees Choose 7 letters and race to make as many words from those letters as you can.
9. Spelling City 2nd grade spelling practice activities
10. Spin and Spell Interactive: Students spell words by selecting letters from a wheel
11. Word Builder Harcourt - Spelling
12. Word Wizard Thinkfinity: Word Wizard – Listen to clues and build words