2nd Grade - Geometry

Shapes & Their Attributes:

Identification, and Partitions of Rows & Columns


1.  Kangaroo Hop Read the name of a shape and find it.
2. Shape Attributes Find the shape based on the given clues-uses vocabulary such as faces, angles, sides, vertices
3. Shape Attributes II Count the number of faces, angles, sides, vertices to find the shape that is asked for
4. Shape Identification Practice Students must find the shape that is named-includes more advanced shapes 2-D shapes such as the pentagon, hexagon and, also, 3-D shapes
Partitions of Rows & Columns
1. Harcourt: Symmetry 2 Interactive activity: symmetry - more about symmetry
2. Shape Tool This tool allows you to create any geometric shape imaginable. Squares, triangles, rhombi, trapezoids and hexagons can be created, colored, enlarged, shrunk, rotated, reflected, sliced, and glued together. What design can you create?