2nd Grade - Measurement & Data: Time


 1. Amble Side Primary Telling time-teacher manipulates the analog clock.
 2. Crickweb Clocks Create a Clock and set the time
 3. Harcourt School Interactive activity: telling time to the hour and half hour
 4. Jmathpage-Time Teachers can choose the level of practice needed for time-telling.  Students race to drag digital clocks to the matching standard clock.  There are also teaching clocks that could be used with classroom projectors.
 5. Kid Numbers Match analog time to a digital clock
 6. KidPort Time 1 Time
 7. KidPort Time 2 Time
 8. Kidsolr Telling time to the hour
 9. Memory with analog and digital time Match digital and analog clocks in a game of memory
10. Time Keeper Choose 1, 5, 15, 30 minute intervals and practice choosing an analog clock that matches a given time
11. What Time is It? Time