2nd Grade - Measurement & Data: Money


1. ABCya-Money Drag coins to a mat to match a given amount of money.  There is a check button to help students learn as they go.
2. Cash Out Interactive site for students to practice making change (several options for difficulty)
3. Change Maker Interactive, make change at various levels of difficulty
4. Choose an item to buy Pay the farmer the exact amount of money for each item.  Uses only coins
5. Coins for Candy  Pay for candy with the coins that are shown.
6. Count the coins-mixed sets Look at a group of coins and give the value.
7. Count the coins-same coin sets Look at a group of coins and give the value
8. Counting Money Learn about pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters and how to add the coins.
9. Enough? Decide if you have enough money to make a purchase.
10. Harcourt School Interactive activity: counting  money
11. Identification Choose between learning the names of coins or practice sorting them by coin.
12. Johnnie‚Äôs Math Page Several money and counting money  games
13. KidPort Money Money
14. Lemonade Larry Interactive game where students figure out how much money is needed to buy cups of lemonade.
15. Let's Compare

Interactive game for counting money and comparing values

16. Making Change Use the cash register to make change for a customer.  Includes coins and bills.
17. Math Playground Change Maker Different purchases are presented for student to make change.
18. Money Flash Cards Money
19. Money Metropolis Interactive game allows students to earn and budget money in order to save for an item
20. Peter Pigs Money Counter Interactive game allows students to sort money, and count and compare amounts of money; includes easy, medium and hard levels.
21. Piggy Bank Add coins to the piggy bank in order to match a given number
22. Read coin names and count Read the words for a given number of coins and add them to find the answer
23. Sheppard Software Match coins to the correct value.
24. U.S. Mint Identify and count coins and information about US coins