2nd Grade- Science - Miscellaneous


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 1. Animals Links to websites with information on animals
 2. Animals-Kid Cyber Great for research or general information to supplement a unit.  Student can click on an animal name to learn about it.
 3. Astronomy for Kids General information and pictures of the solar system
 4. Bats Links to websites with information on Bats
 5. BBC: Animal Food Chains Animal Food Chains – Students explore food chains of the animal kingdom.
 6. Bug Games Scholastic's Magic School Bus Bug Games: Monster Bugs and Find My Legs
 7. Butterflies & Moths Links to websites with information on butterflies and moths
 8. Desert Ecosystems Information on Deserts with links to key vocabulary words
 9. Dinosaurs Links to websites with information on dinosaurs
10. Elephants A web based project with various elephant activities
11. Exploratorium-aurora borealis Pictures and information about the northern lights.
12. Fact Monster Fact Monster – Reference to find information about science topics
13. Food Chain Short interactive video of the food chain with key vocabulary
14. Frogs Links to websites with information on Frogs
15. Kidport Science: Solar system and dinosaurs
16. Knowledge Bears General information on animals, geography, dinosaurs, and other science concepts
17. Little Animation 4 Kids Ways to protect our earth
18. Magic School Bus Interactive games for Science themes
19. Mighty Books Interactive read aloud nonfiction books about topics ie. Snow, leaves, wind, etc.
20. Mr. Nussbaum Amazon rain forest animal videos
21. National Geographic Kids Animals, games videos, stories, activities, photos and people & places
22. Nine Planets for Kids Students can investigate and learn basic information on the planet independently.
23. Ocean Links to websites with information on the ocean
24. PBS Kids Curious George videos for science experiments
25. PebbleGo Kid friendly information about animals-would be great for online research
26. Penguins Links to websites with information on Penguins
27. Rabbits A web based project with links and activities about rabbits
28. Shedd Aquarium Shedd Aquarium's web site
29. Snow Crystals Lots of information and photos of snow crystals
30. Spiders Links to websites with information on Spiders
31. Urban Next: Insects Insect information
32. Urban Next: Woods A walk in the woods shows things that are found in nature as a narrator describes them.
33. Urban Next: Worms Worms and how to make a worm bin
34. Weather Links to websites with information weather
35. You Belong at the Zoo You Belong At the Zoo – zoo facts, links and activities for students and teachers.