3rd Grade - Social Studies: Presidents


Be President for the Day Learn about the President's day-to-day life
Coloring Pages, US Presidents A separate coloring page you can print for each of the United States presidents.
Cyber Sleuth Presidents Specific information about every President.
First Kids Slide Show Pictures and information of the kids who lived in the White House
If You Were President Game Play this game to see what you would do if you were president, includes how you would spend money and who you would have as your advisors.
Kids Connect Presidents A  Gateway For Kids to research the  American President.  An Online Reference Resource.
Name That President! Students are shown pictures of the Presidents and try to identify them.
President’s Day Activities Printable games, activites, quizzes about our Presidents.
Presidents Look at pictures of presidents when they were younger, choose who it is, and then learn facts about that president
Presidents Information Click on the President's name to learn more information
Presidential Hangman! Play hangman online using the names of the United States presidents.
Presidential Information An easy to navigate site with a ton of information about the presidents.  Includes sortable fact sheets so can sort the list by name, political party term of office.  Also includes coloring pages and many other activities.
Presidents Word Find Interactive word search of president’s names, will come up differently each time you play.
Presidents, their Families, their Story A ton of information and links about all the Presidents of the United States.
United States Presidents Interactive site to learn all about our US Presidents.