3rd Grade - Social Studies: Miscellaneous

Ancient Egypt The British Museum: Ancient Egypt
Congress for Kids Interactive experiences for kids to learn about our federal government
Continents and Oceans Interactive site for students to practice identifying and locating the continents and oceans
Egyptians BBC's Mummy Maker Game
Grades 3-6 Social Studies Interactives A list of links for social studies interactives from the Utah Education Network. Categories include geography skills, geography games, current events, environment, US history, and US government.
Inside the Voting Booth Understand the importance of voting with this interactive from PBS Kids
Landforms Interactive map, students click on map to learn information and see pictures of each landform
Lewis and Clark Exploration Go west across America with Lewis and Clark
National Geographic Kids National Geographic Kids website
Social Studies Games Grades 3-6 Various social studies games appropriate for grades 3-6: 7 Contintents, US National Symbols, US State Names, and US Capitals.
U.S. House of Representatives Learn more about the U.S. House of Representatives through lessons and activities