3rd Grade - Language: Conventions


Clean Up Your Grammar Interactive site where students pick up “trash” and recycle them in the “noun or verb” trash bin
Contractions Interactive matching game to match contractions with the words that form them
Contraction Crossword Use the contraction clues to write the words that make up each contraction.
English Grammar Quizzes Lots of different quizzes to practice grammar, vocabulary, etc., at different levels.  Specifically for ESL learners.
Fun Brain Verbs Interactive site to practice finding the correct past or present tense verbs
Grammar Blast Interactive Grammar games for grades 1-8
Grammar Gorillas Interactive site for Beginners or Advanced to identify parts of speech
Grammar Rock-Nouns A School House Rock video about nouns
Life on the Pronoun Reef Interactive site for students to choose the correct pronoun to travel through a coral reef
Magic Capitals A game to practice capitalization rules
Penguins on Ice Practice making sentences and using the correct punctuation
Plural Nouns Students practice making plural nouns by adding s or es.
Sentence Clubhouse Choose the correct type of sentence and make corrections
Sentence Sort Decide if the sentence is simple, compound, or complex
Simple and Compound Sentences Practice identifying simple and compound sentences
Wacky Web Tale This interactive game has students completing stories by adding in designated parts of speech.  It also provides information about the different parts of speech.