3rd Grade - Language Arts: Miscellaneous


Alphabetical Order Practice putting words in correct ABC order by dragging them in the right spot
Comics Creators:
Make Beliefs Comix
Create and print your own comic strip
Grades 3-6 Language Arts Interactives A list of language arts interactives from the Utah Education Network. Categories include spelling, words, reading/grammar, writing, and Spanish.
Highlights Kids Stories, articles, poems, and games from the makers of Highlights magazine - for ages 6-12.
Internet 4 Classrooms - LA 3rd Grade Language Arts Skill Builders
Paragraph Punch This web site takes users through the actual steps of writing a paragraph.
Penguins on Ice Interactive site with three games to practice sentence skills.
Rhyme Game Interactive site with 3 levels of difficulty to identify rhyming words
Rhyming Kids easily find rhyming words for their poetry
Sentence Clubhouse Interactive site where students decide the type of sentence given and then add correct capitalization and punctuation
Typing Speed Test See how fast you can type the fables
 Dr. Seuss - Seussville  Seussville - the official home of Dr. Seuess on the web.
Visual Literacy
EduPic EduPic Graphical Resource is a teacher-designed free image resource for teachers and students.
What's Going on in this Picture? New York Times' weekly visual thinking strategies lessons. Students analyze images with guiding questions.