3rd Grade - Reading for Information: Miscellaneous


Games/Skill Sites
Reading Comprehension Interactive site for non-fiction reading and comprehension check
Sources for Informational Text / Articles
Scholastic News Informational articles from Scholastic News
TextProject - FYI for Kids FYI for Kids is a collection of engaging, high-quality magazine articles. The objective of this project is to demonstrate a type of text that is essential for increasing students’ engagement in and proficiency with complex texts—short engaging articles that communicate critical information.
Wonderopolis Informational articles related to wonderings. This can be used to teach how to begin inquiry projects with a wondering, for research on topics, etc. Part of the Thinkfinity Community.
Newsela.com Current events articles with options to vary Lexile levels of the same article according to student ability. 
Authors of Informational Texts
Nic Bishop Author and photographer of nature books for children
Gail Gibbons Author and illustrator of informational children's books
Seymour Simon Seymour Simon's website with book trailers, information about Seymour Simon, science facts, and more. Educators/adults can sign up for a free adult to access teacher guides and other additional content.