3rd Grade - Reading for Literature: Miscellaneous


Figurative Language Collection of figurative language games
Inference Riddle 101 Make inferences after given clues
International Children's Library Multicultural digital library created by the International Children’s Library. Students can read books online in 19 different languages from dozens of different countries. Children and teachers can search for books by age level, topic, color of cover, length, award winners, and recently added.  All text and pictures can be enlarged.
Making Connections Identify the types of connections that are being made to a story
Poetry using Arthur An activity created by PBS to explore poetry using the book Arthur.
Reading Exercises Site to practice comprehension, sequencing, and summarizing
Rhyming Reggie Students choose a location and then match rhyming words
Storyline Online Listen to actors and actresses read their favorite books
Visualizing Practice creating and recalling mental images of the text
Whootie's Choose a Story Finder Contains fairytales and great illustrations from around the world as well as teaching materials for many stories