3rd Grade - Measurement & Data: Time


Bedtime Bandits Interactive site to match a given time with a clock that shows that time.
Clockworks Interactive site with four difficulty levels to practice setting the clock to the given time
Elapsed time Elapsed Time Practice
Elapsed time: Memory Game Quia memory game on elapsed time
Elapsed Time: Quiz Self grading elapsed time practice
Telling Time Great site to learn and practice telling time in 5-minute intervals.
Telling Time to the Hour Interactive site to learn how to tell time to the hour and minute.
Telling Time Video  A brief video that teaches how to read digital and analog clocks to tell time
Tick Tock Clock Interactive site where students select the digital clock that shows the same time as the analog clock
Time Keeper Choose the correct clock
Time Teller Interactive site where students move the clock hands to the given time
What Time Is It? Match the time shown on the digital clock with the analog clock.