3rd Grade -

Numbers & Operations in Base Ten:

Place Value & Properties of Operations


Dream Box Interactive manipulatives include strategies for addition and subtraction
Half Court Rounding Interactive basketball game to practice rounding of whole numbers and decimals
Make 15 A fun game where you must pick three numbers that add up to 15 before the computer does. 
Math Baseball Interactive baseball game to practice basic operations at a variety of levels
Math Fries Fun interactive site for student to practice addition and subtraction facts (might want to turn OFF the sound)
Math Games Several interactive animated games covering a variety of topics
Mystery Numbers Interactive game for students to practice putting numerals in the correct place.
Number Jumbler Interactive, animated game to practice using correct signs in equations, rounding numbers, and basic skills
Park the Pod Interactive, animated spaceship game practices addition and subtraction
Place Value Activities A variety of place value practice games from Sheppard Software
Place Value Game Make the largest number possible
Place Value Workshop Use base-10 blocks to understand the place value of numbers
Rounding Flashcards Interactive flashcards to practice rounding skills.
Save the Math Apples Interactive game, practice all 4 operations; help the monkey cross the river by answering math problems; may choose difficulty level
Tic Tac Toe Interactive practice of basic operations at different levels of ability