3rd Grade -

Numbers & Operations in Base Ten:

Place Value & Properties of Operations


Dream Box Interactive manipulatives include strategies for addition and subtraction
Half Court Rounding Interactive basketball game to practice rounding of whole numbers and decimals
Make 15 A fun game where you must pick three numbers that add up to 15 before the computer does. 
Math Baseball Interactive baseball game to practice basic operations at a variety of levels
Mystery Numbers Interactive game for students to practice putting numerals in the correct place.
Place Value Activities A variety of place value practice games from Sheppard Software
Place Value Game Make the largest number possible
Place Value Workshop Use base-10 blocks to understand the place value of numbers
Rounding Flashcards Interactive flashcards to practice rounding skills.
Save the Math Apples Interactive game, practice all 4 operations; help the monkey cross the river by answering math problems; may choose difficulty level
Tic Tac Toe Interactive practice of basic operations at different levels of ability