3rd Grade -

Operations & Algebraic Thinking:

Basic Operations - Multiplication and Division


Batter's Up Baseball Interactive site to practice addition or multiplication facts whole playing baseball; Three skill levels to choose from
Bunny Times Practice multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 using visual models
Division Derby Practice division facts
Dude’s Dilemma Help rescue the dog by using your addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division skills.  Four levels of difficulty.
Fact Navigator Great site to learn/practice facts.  Click on the LEARN tab and there are lessons/games/quizzes for each fact.
Fruit Shoot Interactive site to practice multiplication facts to 13.
Learning Multiplication and Division Great help for showing how multiplication and division really works.  Also, great lesson on fact families
Meteor Multiplication Shoot the meteors by practicing your multiplication facts
Mr. Martini’s Classroom Interactive flashcards
Multiplication Games Several different multiplication practice games
Multiplication Matho Interactive game to practice multiplication facts
Space Shuttle Facts Interactive, practice all 4 operations to launch the space shuttle; can choose difficulty level
Tic Tac Toe Interactive practice of basic operations at different levels of ability
Times Table Untimed times table practice grid
Times Table Challenge See how fast you can complete the times table chart. (Facts 0-10)
Times Table Grid Game Timed or untimed practice using any mix of number facts
Math Magician Interactive game to practice multiplication facts