3rd Grade - Mathematics: Miscellaneous


3rd Grade Math Skill Builder Games, activities, word problems, and online quizzes for practicing skills such as addition/subtraction, money, fractions, measurement, and geometry
Big Learners Worksheets covering each of the content standards
Brain Games Many different games that build logical thinking skills for a wide range of ages.
Calculator Chaos Practice your Math skills by helping Justin hit the target numbers by using only the keys left on his broken calculator.  (Four levels of difficulty)
Cookie Dough Spell numbers and read numbers on the cookie dough check
Cool Math A  variety of math games on different topics.  You can choose different levels for many of the games.  Also includes some instruction in math skills.
Genius Boxing Interactive boxing game, must complete the equations correctly to win against Albert Einstein, Pythagoras, Galileo, Bill Gates, Leonardo da Vinci, Nicholas Coperniucs, Archimedes, and Sir Isaac Newton
Illuminations from NCTM and Thinkfinity
Internet 4 Classrooms - Math 3rd Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders
IXL Math Math activities to standards
Leap Frog Use logic to get the frogs across the pond
Math Games A variety of skill activities for all 3rd grade standards
Math Is Fun Lots of different math games on a variety of topics also includes chess and checkers
Math Manipulatives List of available online math manipulatives
Math Videos A great site with lots of videos explaining various Math Topics
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Games and interactive manipulatives for number sense and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and probability
Seesaw Logic Determine which object is the heaviest
Tangram Game Use the 7 shapes to create figures
Thinking Blocks Interactive model drawing to solve given word problems
Whack the Difference A logical thinking game, students look at three objects that pop up and whack the one that is different in some way
Mathtific Math games and activities
Yummy Math Relevent math in today's world