3rd Grade- Science - Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

(Plants, Animals, Inherited Traits, Environmental Influence on Traits)

Animal Classes Great site identifying the different classes of animals and their charachteristics
Classification Game
Drag and drop charachteristics for each type of animal.
Chickscope Explore: Embrology Explore how the chick develops and grows
Chicken Egg Development Enchanted learning site all about the development of the chicken egg and embryo.
Chicken Embryo Picture site showing growth of chicken embryo.
A Walk in the Woods Gain an understanding of the plants and animals that might be found on a walk in the woods.
Plant and Flower Guide Lesson Plans, Whiteboard activities, crafts and clip art all revoving around plants and flowers.
Garden plant identification Identify garden plants. 
Brain Pop games for classifying animals.