4th Grade - Social Studies: Primary Sources





4th Grade - Social Studies: Maps (Illinois and U.S.)

Map Quiz Game U.S. map quiz game




4th Grade - Social Studies: Social Systems (United States)




4th Grade - Social Studies: Political Systems (United States)




4th Grade - Social Studies: Economic Systems (United States)




4th Grade- Science - Earth and Human Activity

(Renewable and non-renewable energy sources, protection from natural disasters)

ESS3-1 - Energy and fuels are derived from natural resources; their uses affect the environment
Gizmo: Carbon Cycle Follow a carbon atom through a simulation
Gizmo: Greenhouse Effect Measure the data created by the greenhouse effect 
Power Up Use natural resources to power a city
Sortify: Natural Resources Sort resources into various categories
ESS3-2 - Solutions to reduce the impacts of natural Earth processes on humans
Shake Table  Directions for a simple shake table activity


4th Grade - Science - Earth's Place in the Universe

(Rock formations, fossils)

ESS1-1 - Rock formations and fossils in rock layers explain changes in a landscape over time
Geology Exploration Investigate various landforms around the world
Minerals Descriptions of various minerals
Rocks Pictures and facts about igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks
Rock Cycle: Faces of the Earth

Rock Cycle Information: Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous

Rock Cycle: Interactive

Interactive Rock Cycle Animation from McDougal Littell

Rock Cycle Roundabout Game designed to compare each type of rock
Rock Layers Compare the age of various layers of rock
Sedimentary Rocks Slide show of sedimentary rock formations


4th Grade- Science - Earth's Systems

(Weathering, erosion, topographic map, mountain ranges, ocean trenches, earthquakes, volcanoes)

ESS2-1 - The effects of weathering or erosion by water, ice, wind, or vegetation
Rock Around the Park A great site to see and understand the effects of erosion on our land
Shoreline Science: Waves Experiment to explore the erosive effects of waves
Weather and Erosion Video explaining erosion and weathering
ESS2-2 - Data from maps to describe patterns of Earth's features
Building Topographic Maps Create a topographic map with water features
Landforms Slide show of various landforms
Landforms II Links to a variety of landforms
Phenomena: Changing Rivers Observe the changing path of a river over time
NatGeo:  Oceans Information on oceans from National Geographic
Zoom Ocean Enchanted Learning: Zoom Ocean
Zoom Sharks Enchanted Learning: Zoom Sharks
Zoom Watery World Enchanted Learning: Zoom Watery World
Zoom Whales Enchanted Learning: Zoom Whales
Clouds 10 basic types of clouds
Extreme Weather Lightning and Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Oh, my!
Hurricanes Enchanted Learning: Hurricanes
Layers of Atmosphere Enchanted Learning: The Earth's Atmosphere
Tree House Weather Learn about weather, climate, air pressure and all things related to those topics
Types of Fronts Fronts:  the boundaries between air masses
The Water Cycle Various games and activities about the water cycle
Water Cycle: Kid Zone Kid Zone's water cycle page
Weather map Interactive weather map
Weather Wiz Kids Great site to learn about weather and play games to review lessons
Weather: World Climate Search for a city or town's weather information
Web Weather for Kids Learn what makes weather, do cool activities, and try your hand at forecasting the weather


4th Grade - Science - Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes

(Internal and external structures of plants and animals for survival, growth, behavior and reproduction)

LS1-1 - Plants and animals have internal and external structures for survival, growth, behavior and reproduction
Chickscope: Embryology Explore how the chick develops and grows
Chicken Egg Development Enchanted Learning site all about the development of the chicken egg and embryo
Chicken Embryo Picture site showing the growth of the chicken embryo
Plants and Animals  
A Touch of Class Practice classifying plants and animals to fit different categories
A Walk in the Woods Gain an understanding of the plants and animals that might be seen during a walk in the woods
All About Animals Interactive site with articles, games, quizzes, food chain, facts and more
Animals and Adaptations
Interactive site where students look for clues about animals and their adaptations
BrainPop: Build A Tree Activity to learn about the parts of a tree
Critter Corner
Information on a variety of animals from the Wisconsin DNR
Food Chain Activity Interactive site to learn about food chains, producers, and consumers
Food Chains An interactive movie to learn more about food chains
Reverse the Field Investigate the form and function of a flower
The Great Plant Escape Have fun and learn while solving a mystery
Journey North: Butterflies Journey North's butterflies information and links
Journey North: Tulips Journey North's tulips links
Magnetic Sea Turtles Use magnetic fields to migrate
National Geographic Kids Browse animals from AZ with National Geographic Kids
Phenomena: Ladybug Flight Observe the form/function of a ladybug
Phenomena: Rose of Jericho Observe a plant with a function to survive without water
Phenomena: Woodpecker Slo-Mo Video of a feeding woodpecker
Plant Adaptations Video about plant adaptations
Rainforest Bird Beak Buffet Activity models form and function of various birds
Stomata Printing Activity to identify the functioning parts of a leaf
Organ Systems  
Build-A-Body: Respiratory Build a model of the human respiratory system
The Human Body A video that identifies the 8 systems of the body and tells how each system works in the body
Reverse the Field Investigate how your senses interact
LS1-2 - Animals receive information through their senses, process in their brain, and respond in different ways
BrainPop: Nervous System Video that explains the nervous system


4th Grade - Science - Waves and their Application

(Waves, wavelength, amplitude, light reflection to eye, sound waves, Morse code)

PS4-1 - Model to describe patterns of amplitude and wavelength, cause objects to move
Gizmo: Waves Test the variables of a moving spring
Sound As Energy Explore the energy of sound
Waves: Tugboat Adjust the frequency and amplitude of an ocean wave
PS4-2 - Model that reflected light from objects allow them to be seen
Amazing Eyes Lesson that shows the function of eyes
Wild Kratts Lesson with videos to compare various animal eyes
PS4-3 - Generate multiple solutions that use patterns to transfer information
Encrusted Plates Activity that allows students to transfer information
NASA Good Vibrations Lessons for seeing waves (needs some supplies)
NASA Space Telescopes Information on how space satellites transfer information