4th Grade - Language: Conventions


Adjectives Video A brief video to show what adjectives are and how they are used in sentences.
Adverbs Video A brief video showing what adverbs are and how they are used in sentences.
BBC Spelling and Grammar Great site with many different games covering parts of speech, sentences, punctuation, spelling, and paragraph writing.
Blast the Rocket Interactive site where students must choose the correct past tense verb to fuel the rocket and blast it off
Comma Chameleon A game to practice comma placement
Does it Make Sense? Great interactive site to make sentences and then check to make sure they make sense.
Edit Dan’s Copy Interactive site where students help Dan edit his news report. Level 1 is for practice with capitalization and ending punctuation, and Level 2 is for run-on sentences, quotation marks, and apostrophes.
English Grammar Quizzes Lots of different quizzes to practice grammar, vocabulary, etc., at different levels.  Specifically for ESL learners.
Fun Brain The Plural Girls Interactive site for students to choose the correct plural nouns
Fun Brain Verbs Interactive site for students to choose the correct helping verb
Fun Brain Word Confusion Interactive site where students identify the correct homonym from two word choices
Grammar Blast Interactive Grammar games for grades 1-8
Grammar Rock - Nouns A Schoolhouse Rock video about nouns.
Internet 4 Classrooms 4th Grade Language Arts Skill Builders 
Magic Capitals A game to practice capitalization rules
Noun Dunk Interactive basketball shooting game to learn the difference between common and proper nouns
Parts of Speech Interactive game to review nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech.
Plural Play Interactive game (for two players) where students must choose the correct plural spelling of given words to win tic-tac-toe
Pronouns Video A brief video to show what pronouns are and how they are used
Proof It Similar to DOL, in this game students find the grammar errors and make the corrections while being timed.
Sentence Clubhouse Interactive site where students decide the type of sentence given and then add correct capitalization and punctuation
Subjects and Predicates A Schoolhouse Rock video about subjects and predicates.
There, Their, and They’re Interactive quiz using there, their, and they’re
Verb Power Interactive site where students choose the correct verb to light up the carnival
Verb Tenses Practice past, present, and future tenses with this fun Jeopardy game
Verb Viper Provides practice in choosing correct verb tenses, recognizing correct verb forms, and recognizing subject/verb agreement.
Verbs A Schoolhouse Rock video about verbs.
Wacky Web Tales Many to choose from, these fill in the blank, short stories online are just like Mad-Libs
Word Invasion Provides practice in recognizing different parts of speech.



4th Grade - Foundations of Reading


Greek and Latin Affixes A resource for prefix and suffix definitions
Greek and Latin Affixes 2 Take a quiz to practice your knowledge of prefixes and suffixes
Short Circuit Students match prefixes and suffixes with their meanings to fix a short circuit
Turtle Dash Fill in the missing letters for the word provided to move the turtle(s)and win the race. (Up to 4 players can play at once.)
Word Strips A great game where students move lettered tiles to make new words before time runs out.
Education.com A variety of games and worksheets for various grade levels



4th Grade - Cross Curricular


4Kids: Skill Builders Various math and language arts interactive games: math facts, capitalization, vowels, parts of speech, and antonyms
The Artist’s Toolkit Interactive site that students can use to learn about visual elements and principles.
Comics Creators:
   Comic Creator
   Make Beliefs Comix

   Write a Comic
Create and print your own comic strip
Flocabulary Five elements of a story
Kid Zone Helps with skill building in several different areas, “Dare to Compare” provides quizzes and compare how to other kids; can find facts on your own school
Math Slice Many different games for many different math topics.  A favorite will probably be guitar hero.
Mr. Nussbaum Many links to different subject areas and grade levels
Professor Garfield Interactive games and videos by grade level K-6
Puzzlemaker Discovery Education's puzzle generator tool
Scholastic: Computer Lab Favorites Interactive games: language arts, math, science, social studies



4th Grade - Social Studies: Miscellaneous


Ancient Egypt The British Museum: Ancient Egypt
Angel Island Angel Island: Immigration Station
Coast to Coast Interactive site for students to use their geography knowledge to travel coast to coast; For 1 player or 2
Continents and Oceans Interactive site for students to practice identifying and locating the continents and oceans
Democracy Project The Democracy Project: "Be President for a Day", "How does government affect  me?" and "Step inside the Voting Booth"
Egyptians BBC's Mummy Maker Game
Ellis Island Interactive tour of Ellis Island
Grades 3-6 Social Studies Interactives A list of links for social studies interactives from the Utah Education Network. Categories include geography skills, geography games, current events, environment, US history, and US government.
Harcourt Horizons Harcourt textbook web site
Inside the Voting Booth Understand the importance of voting with this interactive from PBS Kids
KidsGeo.com Great site with lots of different games to practice and review geography skills like locating states, naming capitals, etc.

Landforms: Face of the Earth

Interactive site that helps students understand and recognize the different landforms

Latitude and Longitude Use your latitude and longitude skills to locate Hannah as she hides around the world.
Regions Game A game that quizzes students over the different regions in the US.
The Underground Railroad National Geographic's Underground Railroad
The White House Facts and information about the White House
World Geography Interactive site to test your skills over the continents and oceans



4th Grade - Social Studies: States


The 50 States Facts and information about the 50 states and their capitols
The Fifty States Interactive state maps to learn detailed information about each of the 50 states
Fifty States - Interactive Interactive United States History Maps
Great States! Interactive geography site full of online games and activities to help learn the states, locations, capitals, and landscapes of the United States.
Growth of A Nation Explore the animated timeline that traces the growth of the United States
Place the State Interactive game for students to practice placing the states in the correct location

State Facts

Facts about the U.S. states from ABC Teach

Trivia Plaza Interactive site for students to select capitals, cities shapes, or states to practice states and capitals knowledge
U.S States and Capitals Great site with a tutorial to learn the states, and several games levels to practice your skill.
USA Quiz Interactive quiz to locate the 50 states
Where In the USA is Mr. N? Using the clues given, decide where Mr. Nussbaum is in the USA.



4th Grade - Social Studies: Illinois


50 States.com -- Illinois Variety of information for Illinois including biographies, climate, government, tour of the Capitol, and current events.
About Illinois The official website for the state of Illinois
Awesome America - Illinois Illinois fun facts, state symbols, and links to other Illinois information
Illinois Info Website all about Illinois.



4th Grade -

Social Studies: Famous Americans


Academy of Achievement A very large collection of American achievers, from the past and up to current day, all of which includes information about their backgrounds and how and what they have achieved.
Biographies for Kids A large collection of information on inventors, the presidents, world leaders, and more.  Includes some games to play as well.
ESPN’s Top American Athletes Includes biographies of what ESPN writers consider to be the top 100 American athletes.
Meeting Amazing Americans A Library of Congress site that includes links to Americans famous for a wide variety of things, such as politics, the arts, explorers, presidents, and more!
Musicians from America A list of American musicians from the past and to current day all with links to more in depth information about them.
National Women’s Hall of Fame A showcase of great American women with information and links for each one.
Smithsonian Famous American Stamp Game A matching game of different famous Americans.



4th Grade - Science: Rocks


Links moved to NGSS: Earth's Place in the Universe  



4th Grade - Health


5 A Day Dole's 5 A Day Site
Food Pyramid Quiz Online quiz about the food pyramid.
Kids Health for Kids Interactive site with games, movies, and facts all about the body and health