5th Grade -
Social Studies: American Revolution


American Independence Research battles, commanders, people, events, and documents
American Revolution Liberty! The American Revolution from PBS
Battle of Trenton The Battle of Trenton information and pictures from BritishBattles.com
Betsy Ross House Take a virtual tour of the house Betsy lived in during the Revolutionary War
George Washington - Biography.com Information about George Washington and links to videos about George Washington from the History Channel
Liberty's Kids Fun and Games, Behind the Scenes, Liberty Archive, Now and Then, E-cards and Liberty News
Mission U.S. Choose between two missions:  Crown or Colony and Flight to Freedom
Mr. Nussbaum A great site for video clips, interactive maps, printables, and research
Revolutionary War Information about the Revolutionary War, including causes, battles, copies of letters and firsthand battle accounts, transcripts of Washington's reports, and more.
Timelines Pre-1775, 1775-1777, 1778-1789 timelines with links to information