5th Grade - Social Studies: Colonies


The 13 Colonies From The TIme Page: 13 Originals
Colonial Life Games Games and activities ranging from easy to more complex about colonial life
Squanto Information from Caleb Johnson's MayflowerHistory.com about Squanto.
Thomas Hooker Information from Britannia.com
Jamestown Adventure History Globe's interactive Jamestown Online Adventure
Mayflower Tour The First Thanksgiving - from Scholastic
Plymouth Colony From Scholastic, created with Grolier Online
Plymouth: Kid Info Information on Plymouth, Colonies, Mayflower, Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving
William Penn From Quaker Info - Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
You are the Historian Investigate the first Thanksgiving as a historian on this interactive site
Virtual Museum of New France Explore the people and places that made up the settlements of New France