5th Grade - Social Studies: Explorers


Bio: Famous Explorers  Good information about a lot of important explorers
Christopher Columbus Quiz Take the quiz as a pretest to see how you know about this most famous explorer.
Explorers: Become a Spice Trader A simulation: Make decisions and find out whether your journey made money or not
Explorers: Enchanted Learning Enchanted Learning's explorers page
Explorers:Kid Info Famous explorers' biographies
Lewis and Clark Discovering Lewis and Clark: A hyperhistory enhanced by at least one new interpretive episode each month
Lewis and Clark A quiz about Lewis and Clark’s explorations
Lewis and Clark (Trail Heritage Foundation) Links to Kids Pages, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Tribal Resources and more
Nussbaum's Explorers Mr. Nussbaum's Explorer Maps, Biographies and Activities
Ponce de Leon

A word search using words from Ponce de Leon’s expeditions

All About Explorers  Explorers A-Z