5th Grade - Language: Conventions


BBC Spelling and Grammar Great site with many different games covering parts of speech, sentences, punctuation, spelling, and paragraph writing.
English Grammar Quizzes Lots of different quizzes to practice grammar, vocabulary, etc., at different levels.  Specifically for ESL learners.
Language Games Play a wide array of language games to practice antonyms, parts of speech, and subject/verb agreement
Magic Capitals A game to practice capitalization rules
Noun Dunk Noun Dunk game from Harcourt School Publishers: "Common Noun", Proper Noun" and "Not a Noun"
Rhyme Zone Great site to find rhyming words, synonyms, and definitions for words you enter.
Spelling Interactives A list of links for Language Arts, including links to spelling interactives, from the Utah Education Network
Verb Tenses Practice past, present, and future tenses with this fun Jeopardy game