5th Grade - Language Arts: Miscellaneous


Comics Creators:  
Comic Creator Make your own comics.
Make Beliefs Comix Create and print your own comic strip


Miscellaneous ELA Links

Education.com Many games and activities on many different skills.
Grades 3-6 Language Arts Interactives A list of language arts interactives from the Utah Education Network. Categories include spelling, words, reading/grammar, writing, and Spanish.
International Children's Library Multicultural digital library created by the International Children’s Library. Students can read books online in 19 different languages from dozens of different countries. Children and teachers can search for books by age level, topic, color of cover, length, award winners, and recently added.  All text and pictures can be enlarged.
Letter Generator Students learn the parts of a letter and write one.
Sequencing Quia activities to practice sequencing skills
Story Bird Write and share stories using art work as your inspiration
Typing Speed Test See how fast you can type the fables
Visual Literacy  
An Artist's Toolkit: Visual Elements and Principles Definitions and examples of different visual elements and principles for close reading and analysis of visual texts
Can a Picture Change the World? Video from Scholastic's Scope magazine. This short video shows different images and invites students to think about how these photographs affected people's views.
EduPic EduPic Graphical Resource is a teacher-designed free image resource for teachers and students.
What's Going on in this Picture? New York Times' weekly visual thinking strategies lessons. Students analyze images with guiding questions.