5th Grade -

Reading for Literature: Miscellaneous


Education.com Education activities that cover many, many skills.
The House Understand the importance of setting purposes for reading in order to improve comprehension. You will read a passage about a house three times, each time highlighting details with different purposes in mind.
Inference Riddles Test your knowledge with inference and prediction riddles
Interactives An interactive site that covers plot, setting, characters, conflict, and more reading elements
RAFT Writing Help The RAFT strategy is a way to explore different points of view of characters in a story or different aspects of an informational topic. This site offers various links to RAFT graphic organizers, information, and technology tools. RAFT stands for Role, Audience, Format, and Topic. RAFT is a way to write from different points of view about a topic.
Stacks Keep up to date on the latest fiction and nonfiction selections from Scholastic