5th Grade -

Operations & Algebraic Thinking:

Numerical Expressions - Evaluation


Algebra Planet Blaster Solve algebraic equations, uses some negative numbers
Algebra Puzzle Find the value of each of the three objects presented in the puzzle; the numbers given represent the sum of the objects in each row or column
Algebra Puzzles Fun but tough algebraic puzzles to solve
Algebraic Reasoning Find the value of a given object based on information given on 2 scales
Algabraic Scales Balance equations by placing parts on a scale
Math Search Good practice solving equations that have multiple steps; solve the equation then find the number in the search grid
Order of Operations:  Estimation Estimate the nearest integer by evaluating the equation
Order of Operations:  Fun Brain Operation Order interactive activity from Fun Brain
Order of Operations:  Quiz Online interactive order of operations quiz
Order Ops Help a knight by using the order of operations
Speedy Equations Insert the correct symbols to make the equations true
Weigh the Wangdoodles Figure out the equations using the given information of each weight; challenging introduction to multiple algebraic equations