5th Grade -

Mathematics: Miscellaneous


Ask Dr. Math Got a question or don’t understand how to do some math problem?  Go to this site and find your answer
BBC Math Many different games covering number sense, basic facts, fractions, decimals, shapes, angles, measurement, money, time, probability, graphing, and range, mean, median, and mode.
Big Learners Worksheets covering each of the content standards
Brain Games Many different games that build logical thinking skills for a wide range of ages
Cool Math An amusement park of math : lessons, activities, games, dictionary and more
Figure This! Math challenges
Illuminations from NCTM and Thinkfinity
IXL Math Skills Games and activities for every grade level and standard.
IXL Math Standards Math activities to standards
Logic Puzzles Several interactive logical thinking puzzles
Lure of the Labyrinth Use concepts of factors to solve a logic puzzle
Math Activities: Primary Resources A variety of math activities from Primary Resources
Math Arcade A plethora of math games, logic puzzles, and more covering many different math skills
Math Brainteasers and Riddles Several good riddles and brainteasers to work out
Math Games A variety of skill activities for 5th grade standards
Math Is Fun Lots of different math games on a variety of topics also includes chess and checkers
Math Links Links to 5th grade math topics, information and activities
Math Manipulatives List of available online math manipulatives
Math Millionaire Interactive version of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire with a wide variety of math problems to solve
Math Nook Many fun games related to a variety of different math topics
Math Play Many fun math games that review a wide variety of topics
Math Playground Play with numbers and give your brain a workout: games, problems, puzzles, videos and more
Math Skills Fact sheets, worksheets and quizzes on negative numbers
Math Slice Many different games for many different math topics; a favorite will probably be guitar hero
Math Videos A great site with lots of videos explaining various math topics
Math Wheel Modeled after Wheel of Fortune, this interactive math site quizzes kids on their math vocabulary
Math Worksheet Generator Teachers can make a customized worksheet in all the operations with a few clicks
McGraw Hill's 5th Grade Math Cool math links, online activities, Fact Dash, linked activities and technology links
Millionaire Math and Science Fun game changes every time you play it with math and science questions
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Games and interactive manipulatives for number sense and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and probability
The Problem Site Several different number/logical thinking games, some quite challenging.
Thinking Blocks Interactive model drawing to solve given word problems
Rush Hour Electronic version of this popular maze logic game
Set Daily Puzzle Published by the New York Times, this making sets game uses good logical thinking skills; seems easy but look out!
Sheppard Software Lots of games for many different math topics

Good practice for logical thinking skills

Sumdog Practice common core skills at all levels
Yummy Math Relevent math in today's world
Mathtific Math games and activities