5th Grade -

Social Studies: Miscellaneous


Everglades Everglades information from The National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
Geography Games Fun games to learn states, capitals, and their locations
Grades 3-6 Social Studies Interactives A list of links for social studies interactives from the Utah Education Network. Categories include geography skills, geography games, current events, environment, US history, and US government.
Harcourt Horizons Text Textbook resources - find them by category or by textbook
History for Kids Games and activities from History.org's Kid Zone
My Histro Create free interactive timelines

National Geographic

This is a great, kid friendly website with videos, games, activities, and information on locations and geographical issues around the world
Primary History Explore the Vikings, Romans, Greeks, Children of World War 2, and several more in this fun and interactive site that focuses on primary sources
Social Studies Games Grades 3-6 Various social studies games appropriate for grades 3-6: 7 Contintents, US National Symbols, US State Names, and US Capitals.
Underground Railroad Underground railroad simulation activity from National Geographic
Underground Railroad: Pathways to Freedom Make decisions and follow the path of a Maryland slave attempting to escape to freedom
World Capitals Quiz A quiz game that requires matching capital cities from all over the world with their country.