5th Grade - Social Studies:

World War II

6 Videos That Help Students Understand WWII (Note: You Tube videos available in building shared, WebLinks folder) This collection of WWII videos put together by YouTube Education’s Angela Lin, brings a variety of perspectives for students to consider. In the mix, the topics cover the geopolitical significance of the war, as well as personal lives affected in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.
BBC Primary History: World War 2 Read and explore about kids of the World War II era
Ducksters World War II History General overview information about the timeline, battles, leaders, etc.
Japanese Internment Camps Information about the Japanese Internment Camps in the United States from the Our Story website.
Letters from the Japanese American Internment Smithsonian Education site: Letters from children in the Japanese Internment Camps to a children's librarian. Primary sources and lesson information for learning about the Japanese Internment Camps.
Letters from the Japanese American Internment - Dear Miss Breed Information on the Japanese American National Museum on the children in the Japanese Internment Camps that wrote to Miss Breed, a children's librarian at the San Diego Public Library.
Scholastic's Attack on Pearl Harbor: An Online Learning Activity Students get an intimate view of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor by reading a witness interview, browsing a timeline, and more.
Scholastic's World War II Remembered Relive the WWII experience through the memories of those who survived.