5th Grade- Science - Miscellaneous

Science Bob Lots of simple experiments on many topics with video instructions
Several Sites for Kids Many different websites with interactive capabilities.
Spangler Experiment Archive Step by step directions with pictures and video for many experiments.
Hooked on Science Experiment archive connected to NGSS.
Science A-Z Some free samples of science activities, subscription is $99
Bozeman Science Videos, cards, and posters related to NGSS
Bill Nye  The Bill Nye official website with Science Fair ideas and videos
Gizmo Explore learning,GREAT interactive site that you can use for 30 days free
Discovery Education: Connect with Weather Get a behind the scenes look at the Weather Channe
Earth in Motion Interactive activity from the Adler Planetarium explains why Earth experiences seasons and has users properly place Earth in its orbit for particular seasons
Kidstorm Kids site from Illinois about Illinois weather conditions includes links for other weather sites
National Weather Service NWS storm prediction center
Tree House Weather Information and activities for students to learn about weather, climate, air pressure and all things related to those topics.  Very colorful and informative.
Weather Wiz Kids

Weather facts, diagrams, and much more good for student research

Weather Works How Stuff Works site on weather, lots of articles on specific weather conditions (tornados, flooding, etc) and videos as well
Web Weather Learn about thunderstorms, hurricanes, blizzards, types of clouds and much more; games to test your weather knowledge
What forces affect our weather? What affects our weather; links to The Atmosphere, The Water Cycle, Powerful Storms, Ice and Snow, Forecasting and Our Changing Climate


 BBC School Science Activities on a variety of science topics including Sun and the Earth and Life Cycles 
Educational Videos and Games Videos, activities, and games of many different science topics
Fact Monster Fact Monster – Reference to find information about science topics
Harcourt Science Our science text at Harcourt School Publishers
Learning Science Science interactives and resources for teachers and students over many topics
National Geographic Kids Games, puzzles, videos, and more are on this great kids science site (use Firefox)
Physics 4 Kids Facts on motion, thermodynamics, electricity & magnetism, light & optics and modern physics as well as Chemistry 4 Kids and Cosmos 4 Kids
Science News for Kids Written in kid friendly format, this newspaper contains fascinating information on many different science topics.
Science Spot Resource for teachers and students including Daily Science Trivia, Puzzle Corner, Nature Center, Idea Factory and Mrs. T's Tech Corner
Science Monster Several activities on different topics
Scientific Method Video and quiz over the scientific method and its steps
Zoom: Kitchen Chemistry

Learn about acids and bases with this fun interactive game