5th Grade- Science - Matter and Its Interactions

(Matter, particles, gases, states of matter, properties of materials, chemical changes)

 Chem4Kids  Good explanation of the  states of matter
 Elephant's Toothpaste  Easy and fun experiment to show an exothermic reaction, video instructions included
 Kid Safe Chemical Reactions  Several experiments, games and puzzles
 Blobs in a Bottle  Experiment about molecular polarity, video included
 Properties of Materials  Kid cyber: list of many materials and their properties
 States of Matter  Experiments, puzzles, and games about the states of matter
 Science Kids: Properties of Materials  Games, projects, quizzes on properties of materials
 Science Online Matter  Many activities and lessons on interactions of matter
 What is Chemistry?  Physical and Chemical Changes
 States of   Matter,  How Stuff Works  Many activities and projects on matter
 States of Matter Archive, Steve Spangler  A plethora of science experiments on matter, complete with pictures and video
 Dirtmeister's Changes in Matter  Lesson and activity on changes in matter 
 Better Lesson  Activities on gravitational force