5th Grade- Science - Earth and Space Systems

(gravity, gravitational force, sun, stars, planets, satellite/moon, shadows, day and night, stars and seasons, geosphere,
hydrosphere, atmosphere, ocean and ecosystems, landforms and weather, earth's resources)


Water in Earth's Spheres Activities for water in the 4 spheres & good powerpoint for teacher to use
Earth's Water from Space Satellite images of Earth's water systems
Ecosystems Dirtmeister's how does acid rain effect an ecosystem?
Ecosystem Kids can learn about the causes and effects of climate change
Environmental Kids Club How to take care of planet Earth
Environmental Education for Kids Facts and activities on everything environmental from the Wisconsin DNR
Environmental Kids Club How to take care of planet Earth
Eco-Kids Several fun eco games for learning about our environment
Earth Day for Kids Activities and games for Earth Day
Energyville Create your own virtual city and decide how to power it by using solar, wind, coal, and other resources
Ecosystem Kids can learn about the causes and effects of climate change
Energy Quest Energy Quest's interactive site: Movie Room, Energy Vampires, Time Machine, Solar Facts, Jigsaw Puzzles, Change a Light, Change the World, News
The Water Cycle Interactive Water Cycle Diagram


Amazing Space Video, images and articles about everything space related
Hubble Site Extensive Hubble site with links to the News Center, Gallery, Discoveries, Telescope, Astronomy, Museums and Reference Desk
Interactive Eclipse Diagram Students can label the diagram of both a solar and lunar eclipse
McDonald Observatory Shadows, stars, and moon activities
Moon and Tides ZOOM: Moon and Tides from Enchanted Learning
NASA NASA's official home page
NASA for Students NASA's site for students: Picture Dictionary, Play and Learn, Find It Fast, Stories, Career Corner, In the Spotlight, Kids Club
NASA Kids Club NASA's Kids Club with information and activities
Neave Observatory Interactive star map you can set to your location
Peoria's Astronomical Society News, Archives, Learning Topics, Calendar, Downloads, Gallery, and Links
Planet Tac Toe Trivia questions tic tac toe from Star Child
Planet Weight Find your weight or the weight of any object on any of the planets
Planets Exploring the Planets: National Air and Space Museum provides links to planets, asteroids, comets, tools of exploration, Voyager and more
Smithsonian: Air and Space Online exhibits from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Solar System Simulator Choose your vantage point and space object to see where it is right now
Solar Views Information about our solar system: planets, comets, asteroids, meteors and history of space exploration as well as lesson plans and activities
Space Camp Programs, Information, Museum and Links
Star Child A learning center for young astronomers
Sun ZOOM Sun from Enchanged Learning
Universe Explore the Universe, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Windows to the Universe Our Planet, The Solar System, Astronomy & the Universe, Space Weather, Space Missions, Images and Multimedia