6th Grade - Reading for Literature


Aesop’s Fables Honesty is the best policy.  Do not count your chickens before the eggs are hatched.  Theses lessons and more can be found here.
Book Adventure Register for a free account and take practice quizzes for many Accelerated Reader books.
Character Scrapbook After reading a story, students can create an on-line scrapbook about a particular character in the story.
Comic Creator An easy-to-use site where students can create and print their own comic strips
Cube Creator Create a bio cube, mystery cube, story cube, or create-your-own-cube!
Grade 6 Literature Textbook McDougal-Littell Literature Text
Moby Max Use your username and password to practice your reading and math skills!
Myths, Folk Tales, and Fairy Tales A site where students can learn more about these genres and can even write their own myths, folk tales, and fairy tales.
Plot Chart Outline Follow the development of a story, or create and develop a story using the plot chart outline.
Reading Comprehension Practice Quizzes An interactive site where students can practice their reading comprehension skills by choosing a topic of their choice then answering questions after they read.
Short Story Elements Brush up on your understanding of story elements.
Summarizing: Rags to Riches Earn points by deciding which sentence best summarizes each passage.