7th Grade Science - Space Science

(Solar system, eclipses, lunar phases, rotation and revolution in the solar system, cause of seasons)



7th Grade Science - Energy Transfer

(Energy transfer, insulators, conductors, thermal energy)



7th Grade Science - Energy

(Kinetic energy, potential energy, gravitational, electric, magnetic and chemical energy)

 Energy Consumtion Links  Links to information on energy consumtion
 Interactions of Energy Links  Links to information on the interactions of energy
Ducksters What is kinetic energy?
Science for kids Kinetic energy facts
Physics for kids Potential energy information
Energy Kids Forms of energy


7th Grade Science - Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation

(Waves, wavelength, frequency, amplitude, energy, sound, light, waves used for communication)

 Physics for Kids  Properties of waves
 Waves  Types of electromagnetic waves
Kiddle Types and properties of waves
Science Kids Fun facts about waves
Waves Light waves facts and information


7th Grade Science - Forces and Interactions

(Newton's Laws of Motion, electromagnetism, gravitational interactions, three types of forces - electric, magnetic, gravitational)

FOSSweb- Force & Motion  FOSS modules on forces & motion
Friction  Interactive site to learn about the factors that influence friction
Galileo Drops the Ball              Simulation demonstrating  what Galileo discovered regarding air resistance and friction at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Newton’s Laws of Motion Explanation, activities and quizzes
Newton’s Laws of Motion: NASA Newton’s 1and 2 Laws of Motion: Definitions, worksheets
NOVA Articles, interactive, teacher’s resources, links on Newton
PBSkids Zoom Web Explore Newton’s laws of Motion with interactive games



7th Grade Science - Miscellaneous

Bill Nye Broad collection of information and activities
CNN Student News Ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program for middle and high school students produced by the journalists and educators at CNN.
DOGO News - Science The leading source for current events, news and non-fictional articles for kids and teachers. 
Earth and its Resources Links to informatin on the earth and its resources
EurekAlert Features news and resources focused on all areas of science, medicine and technology.
Future Channels  Videos and information on math and science subjects
Lab Safety Links Links to information on lab safety
Lab Tools Links Links to information on lab tools
NASA Science News The latest breaking news from NASA
Pod's Mission Interactive site on solids & liquids
Try Engineering Today The latest news and information for students, parents, teachers, and counselors interested in engineering, computing technology and related topics
Science Central The latest science news on the most talked about topics which are constantly updated from the major science sources all over the internet.
Science Daily Your source for the today’s top science news.
Science News for Kids Source for timely, interesting news stories accompanied by suggestions for hands-on activities, books, articles, and web resources
Science Now Latest news from the science world.
The Science of Sports Learn the science behind favorite sport activities
Scientific Processes Links Links to information on scientific processes
StudyJams Information, songs, games, and activities on various science topics
TIME for kids Access to some of the latest news articles from TIME magazine for kids
Try Science Learning science and technology through on and offline interactivities with science and technology centers worldwide
The Washington Post- KidsPost Games, news, contests, puzzles, & activities for students
Weather and Climate Links Links to informatin on weather and climate


Energy Explained Online guide to understanding energy
Energy Flow Select and arrange various objects to complete the flow of energy in a series of fun challenges!
Energy Hog Information & resources to help bust energy “hogs” that are wasting energy and money.
Energy Kids Resources on energy
Energy Quest This site is the energy education website of the California Energy Commission.  It includes information, videos, games, resources, and activities on energy and energy conservation.
Energy Resources Information, activities, & interactive quizzes on energy sources.
Power Play Power Play is an interactive activity that helps users learn about harnessing energy from different power sources.
Today in Energy

Short, timely articles with graphics on energy facts, issues, & trends.

Wind With Miller Interactive site focusing on the physics and technology of wind power
Electricity Inateractive site on conductors, insulators, open/closed circuits, parallel/series circuits, static electricity, & electromagnets
Energy Quest This site is the energy education website of the California Energy Commission.  It includes information, videos, games, resources, and activities on energy and energy conservation.
Light Introduction to types of light 
Pod's Mission Interactive site on electricity
Sounds Amazing Interactive site on sound & waves
Waves 4 lessons on waves from the Physic Classroom