7th Grade -

Social Studies: Colonial America


Colonial America Online Activities This site offers a wide variety of online activities to accompany your study of Colonial America
Colonial America Videos Watch videos on history toipcs, people timeline, events timeline, and History in a minute
Colonial Williamsburg Kid-friendly interactive games about Colonial America
Jamestown Challenge The Virginia Company has hired you to command three ships bound for the New World.  Your mission is to set up a colony, find gold, and chart a water route across the continent. 
Jamestown Online Adventure Do you have what it takes to be a colonist?  Find out with this interactive activity about Jamestown.
On The Trail Of Captain John Smith Join Captain John Smith through stories and games on his voyage to Jamestown.
Salem Witch Trials:  The World Behind the Hysteria Enter a world very different from our own – and discovery the fears, struggles, and beliefs of everyday people in Salem
Think Fast About the Past Test your knowledge of colonial history in a race against the clock