7th Grade -

Social Studies: Egypt


Ancient Egypt Online Activity This site offers 5 different activities that students can use to expand their knowledge about Ancient Egypt
Egypt Games This site features many games to play with your Ancient Egypt unit.
Egypt Games Fun interactive games about Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Time Warp Trio The Green Mist Mysteries are original, interactive stories featuring theTime Warp Trio. Read, puzzle, investigate, and noodle your way through the green mist. BEWARE: the choices you make will guide the story. The fate of the Time Warp Trio is in your hands!
Egyptian Tomb Adventure Become an online archaeologist excavating an ancient tomb.
Egypt’s Golden Empire Excellent site about Ancient Egypt
Fun Egyptian Activities Awesome site featuring mad libs, hieroglyphics, clip art, etc.
Guardian’s Cyberjourney Virtual Tour: Look at pyramids, temples, tombs, and read up-to-date information about Egypt.
Hey Hey Hatshepsut Fun song to teach information about Hatshepsut
Interactive Egypt Learn about Egypt with this interactive map and learn about its time period
King Tut Wonderful educational site to learn about Ancient Egypt and King Tutankhamun
Make a Cartouche Ever wonder how your name would look in hieroglyphics?  Check out this site to see
Mummy Maker Experience the process of embalming by joining Kha and embalming the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Ramose.
Pharaoh's Tomb Explore the Pharaoh’s Tomb for lost treasure.  Collect as much gold as you can, while avoiding the monsters and traps.
Rulers of Egypt Play Hangman and use the hint to figure out the name of the pharaoh (or Egyptian king).
Temple Store You run the temple stores in ancient Egypt.  You must serve the craftsmen who come in quickly before they lose patience and leave.
Tomb of the Unknown Mummy Students will analyze artifacts and decipher hieroglyphics to determine who was buried in a tomb
Tour of Egypt Multimedia and educational resource on Ancient Egypt
Treasure Pyramid Discover the secrets of the Treasure Pyramid by unlocking special pieces.