7th Grade -

Social Studies: Rome


Ancient Rome Fling the Teacher Answer questions correctly and take aim on the teacher.
Ancient Rome in 3D In this Google Earth layer, students can fly into Rome as it looked in 320 A.D., tour the interior of famous buildings, visit sites such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum and the Forum of Julius Caesar in 3D and learn about how the Romans lived.
Fall of Rome Learn all about the fall of Rome and play 2 interactive games
Roman Gladiator Will your gladiator survive in the Coliseum?  Play this game to find out if the emperor will grant you freedom. 
Roman Time Warp Trio The Green Mist Mysteries are original, interactive stories featuring theTime Warp Trio. Read, puzzle, investigate, and noodle your way through the green mist. BEWARE: the choices you make will guide the story. The fate of the Time Warp Trio is in your hands!
Rome Quizlet Learn/quiz yourself about Rome through flashcards, learn, speller, test, scatter, and space race